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About ActiveS

Swedish children are the least active in all of the Nordic region. At the same time, research shows that activity increases children’s capacity to learn. The Education Act states that all schools must have an environment which promotes the health and well-being of students. Standup desks instead of traditional school desks is one way to provide the students with an active study environment, where they have the opportunity to perform at their best. Schools can thereby fulfil an important role in reversing the sedentary trend, and create lifelong positive habits for children and young people.

ActiveS School height adjustable desk is suitable for both large and small students. The infinitely adjustable height is simple to set manually, no power supply is required. Each desk also includes a soft mat which provides pleasant relief and makes it more comfortable to stand. A sound-absorbing desktop screen and storage for items such as tablets or laptops are available as accessories.

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About Matting

ActiveS is a part of Matting AB. Matting AB was founded in 1970 and is one of the Nordic region’s largest suppliers of mats for retail, offices, public spaces and industry. Matting also develops concepts such as ”StandUp School” and ”Feel good at work”. The watchwords are health and function. Matting offers solutions to create healthy  workplaces and accessible environments. Matting’s aim is to be at the cutting edge in these areas. It is important to supply digital solutions. Digital solutions enable us to visualise data from connected objects, people and places so that they can make better decisions with respect to their health, well-being and accessibility. Healthy workplaces and accessible environments in turn lead to lower absence due to illness, better cooperation, higher quality of life and increased effectiveness. Our brands are StandUp, LightUp and Jobmate.

Matting AB also includes the Matting Solutions department. It focuses on architects, as well as construction and property managers, and it markets the concepts: Entrance by Matting, Tactile Flooring and Comfort Mats.

Our head office is located in Alingsås. We also have offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg.

How to shop

Sales conditions

ActiveS product range is intended for school, university and public environment. We are open Monday through Friday, 08:00-16:45. We are closed for lunch 12:00-12:45.

Would you like to be a Matting customer?

Get in touch with us and send your contact information to


All prices shown on our website and in our printed catalogues are recommended retail prices exclusive of VAT and shipping. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to make price adjustments resulting from changes in commodity prices, exchange rates, clerical errors or other circumstances beyond the control of Matting AB.

Delivery times

Products in stock are usually sent from Matting’s warehouse on the following working day. Estimated delivery time, 3 working days. Order goods according to quotation.


Shipping costs are additional. We deliver domestic shipments by DHL, unless otherwise agreed.

Costs for packaging materials as of 01/04/2016.

Packaging costs invoiced in connection with deliveries on pallets:
EUR pallet: SEK 150*
Disposable pallet, full: SEK 95
Disposable pallet, half: SEK 75
Pallet collar: SEK 95
Pallet packaging: SEK 95
Bevelling, mat edges: SEK 125
Mounting cost Effective/Jaguar: SEK 175/sq m

*Does not apply to customers who are members of DHL’s pallet pool.

Small order charge

We apply a small order charge of SEK 175 for net orders less than SEK 500.

Payment terms

Usually 30 days credit up to an agreed limit following approved credit checks. Matting AB reserves the right to change the credit limit at any time and without notice. In the event of late payment, interest will be charged on arrears, and where applicable, a fee for collection and the payment order.

Complaints and returns

See special conditions for complaints and returns.


Our manufacturing and production warranty is valid for 3 years for the desks and for 2 years for the accessories. The warranty covers production and manufacturing defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear, damage or poor maintenance.


ISO Certification

Matting AB has a certified environmental system in compliance with ISO14001 (certificate no. 1412629). Refer to our environmental policy with its objectives and guidelines for ongoing environmental improvements.

Waste sorting

Matting AB has a detailed recycling programme where we sort everything from household waste to wooden pallets.

Collaboration with El-kretsen

Under regulation SFS 2014:1075 and the regulation on producer responsibility for batteries SFS 2008:834, we cooperate with Elkretsen AB in respect of producer responsibility for electric and electronic products. Your used products can be left at the nearest recycling centre or collection point. For further information about the nearest receiving station, visit:

Worn-out products

Under Matting AB’s environmental policy, we will accept, free of charge, worn-out products and make sure they are recycled or handled in an environmentally acceptable manner. Worn-out products may be handed to: Matting AB, Tomasgårdsvägen 19, SE-441 39 Alingsås, Sweden. No costs incurred in connection with the return transport of the product will be refunded.

Selecting manufacturers

When selecting manufacturers, the environmental aspect is included among decision criteria. We also try to persuade our manufacturers to operate in the same way as we do at Matting AB.

Packing material

Packaging material is a significant, environmental impact factor in Matting’s operation. In general, paper and packaging materials are made in Sweden in accordance with standards set by the Swedish Paper Industry Work Environment Council (PIA). All outer packaging used by Matting comes from 100% recycled paper. The packaging is also RESU marked, a European marking approved for European dimensions.

Listed on the FTI register

Matting AB is a member of FTI, We pay packaging fees and thereby shoulder responsibility for the recycling of our packaging.


If you have any questions about our environmental work, feel free to contact Maria Ohlsson on tel. +46 703-230397 or e-mail:

Privacy policy Matting AB

As part of our efforts to meet the provisions of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on 25 May 2018, we have drawn up a Privacy Policy. The contact data that may be registered/stored in our internal customer register is as follows:
– Name
– E-mail address
– Telephone number
– Data that is linked to our web pages, e.g. cookies etc.

You can find more information below in our Privacy Policy for Matting AB. If you have further questions about the way we manage personal data, you are welcome to contact us on

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