ActiveS - Produkter för klassrummet för minskat stillasittande, ökad rörlighet och lugn och ro.

ActiveS products

ActiveS School comprises a height-adjustable school desk (made in Sweden) and a soft, comfortable mat to stand on. The pupil is given a flexible workplace, the desk is easy to raise and lower, and the mat is perfectly adapted to the desk. ActiveS School gives children an opportunity to switch between sitting and standing, and thereby creates a more active study environment. Stand up and work in school too!

Reduce sedentary sitting

ActiveS School Desk

A desk that is simple for pupils of all ages and heights to adjust manually, a gas spring makes it easy to raise or lower the desk. No electrical connections are required.

ActiveS School Desk, wide

A wider school desk for a larger work surface and suitable for eg a wheelchair.

StandUp Easy mat

A soft and comfortable mat to stand on so that you can stand for longer.

ActiveS Easy Cork

A PVC-free mat in cork that is soft and comfortable to stand on, allowing you to stand longer.

Increased mobility

ActiveS Seating Ball – for active sitting

Peace and quiet

ActiveS Desk screen

Our desk screen not only provides screening, it also absorbs sound.

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev!

Nyhetsbrevet utkommer 7-10 ggr/år