Bosgårdsskolan school, Mölndal

Bosgårdsskolan school, Mölndal, is a modern school that lays a solid foundation for joy, learning and belief in the future. It is a school for children from preschool class to Year 6. At Bosgårdsskolan school, pupils in Years 2 and 5 were both given an opportunity to test four desks. “The pupils each use them for one week, we alternate. Restless children like to swing on the chair or sit down and turn round. Standing up works very well for them, they find it easier to concentrate,” says Ingrid Ahlén. Amanda Kober and Peter Hayes are pupils in Year 5 and they have each had a week with the new standing desks. “It’s good to be able to raise and lower them to adapt to your height,” says Amanda Kober. “And good that you can sit down sometimes, it gives a bit more freedom. I stand up for perhaps three out of five lessons now,” says Peter Hayes.

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