Vittra Gerdsken school, Alingsås

Pupils in Years 5 and 7 at Vittra Gerdsken school in Alingsås put 10 school desks with mats to the test with good results during the autumn term. Annika Nilsson, a co-ordinator at Vittra, takes a very positive view of pupils now also being able to stand up and work and about pupils being offered individually adapted spaces. “The children and their development are tremendously important to us. We think that pupils should also be able to stand up and work. I personally almost always stand up when I work, and I have a height-adjustable desk, so why shouldn’t it be the same for the children,” says Annika.

“Many workplaces have desks that can be raised and lowered. In schools, however, there’s often no opportunity for pupils to stand up and work in the classroom…”

Read the article in Framsteg no. 2:2015

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